Tender Roots Forest School Enrollment

Enrollment & Program Costs for Ages 3 & 4

In order to be placed on a wait list or to enroll with Take Root Forest School from September-June at either location – Dade/Greynolds Park or Broward/Bonnet House, Enrollment Costs must be paid in advance. These costs are due once a forest school year and allow the team to plan, set rosters, and to order supplies. Enrollment Costs are not part of the Program Costs and are non-refundable. The Program Costs are the tuition for the program itself. Enrollment Costs and Program Costs are listed below.

Once you have reviewed the costs below, contact us to learn more and to discuss the program, your needs and availability. The director will set up a time for you to tour the location best suited to you. From there you will fill out the enrollment form (buttons are below). Once your form is submitted the director will contact you and based on availability you will be enrolled or placed on a wait list.

2024/2025 Enrollment Costs for Ages 3 & 4

Forest School Year (Sept.-June) Enrollment CostsTo be paid in advance to secure place in program or on waitlist. Enrollment Costs are not part of the Program Costs and are non-refundable.
Enrollment Fee
The Enrollment Fee is good for the duration of the Forest School Year and is non-refundable. The Enrollment Fee secures your registration and place in the program or on the waitlist. The Supplies Fee for the first child is included in the Enrollment Fee, there is an additional supplies fee per sibling.
Sibling Supplies Fee
$250 per sibling
The Supplies Fee is good for the duration of the Forest School year and is non-refundable. The Supplies Fee for the first child is included in the Enrollment Fee. The Supplies Fee allows for budgeting and procurement of supplies, planning of curriculum and training of the team. One program t-shirt per child is included.

2024/2025 Program Costs for Ages 3 & 4

Program Costs are separate from Enrollment Costs and are based on program chosen and number of days chosen. The program cost is divided into 9 payments, paid monthly from August to April.

Tender Roots Forest School Program
Partial Day Program for Ages 3-5

Acorns Group
M & W, 9:30-12:30pm*
$480 per payment*
10% sibling discount

Berries Group
T & Th, 9:30-12:30pm*
$480 per payment*
10% sibling discount

Two Locations:
Dade – Greynolds Park in North Miami
Broward – Bonnet House in Fort Lauderdale

*Age as of September
*Choose One Group
*Nine Payments, August 26-April 26
*Parent Participation Program – opportunities for parent involvement
*30 minute window for drop-off and pick-up (9-9:30, 12:30-1)
*Enrollment Costs not included

Community Supported Education

Each family’s investment bolsters Take Root Forest School and its commitment to revolutionizing education.

Community Supported Agriculture is a practice where the community pledges support to a farm by investing in shares before each growing season. The invested money allows the farm to do the work to grow the food. Once the harvest comes in, the farm re-distributes the shares as boxes of food.

The idea of Community Supported Education is similar…we invite you to invest in Take Root Forest School, thus enriching the lives of your children, yourselves, your community. Each day, every week – as the seasons change, Take Root Forest School will deliver a nature-based, holistic, fun, and engaging educational curriculum. Your children will grow, feeling a strong sense of self and community, a better understanding of their surroundings, while developing a natural respect for the world they are a part of.

Each of you is invited to support the community by rounding up and adding more to your enrollment costs or donating separately to the Take Root Family Support Fund, allowing a diversity of children to attend the program.

Enrich your children, yourself, your family & community.

Support innovative and holistic education – participate in our programs and TAKE ROOT…PLANT THE SEEDS.