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We are a Forest Learning Community

Wet feet, dirty hands, full heart!

As a Community…

  • We Learn
    • We Play
      • We Connect…with Nature, Ourselves & Each Other

Take Root Forest Learning Community offers the unique experience of learning in an oasis of trees – in parks and natural areas, away from the fast-paced sprawl of the S. Florida urban jungle. Outdoor experience develops a sense of wonder for the natural world – creating a love and respect that will grow with the child as they grow, inspiring a healthy eco-literate culture. It is every person’s right – to find their place in nature and their sense of self.

Take Root does not provide child care services. Parents/Guardians of children under age 5 remain on premises/participate during the Family Forest School programs.

Take Root is a COMMUNITY, where children and their families come together to play and learn. In addition to the wide range of nature-based classes available to young learners, the whole family can engage through family nature field trips, seasonal festivals, as well as parenting workshops and classes. There are also opportunities for stewardship, volunteering and getting involved in the local community and environment.

Take Root is a learning community and does not act as a child-care. Take Root does not provide child care services, instruction is offered as support to supplement each child’s homeschool experience.

In the state of Florida, all children must be registered in a learning program, either as a homeschooler with the county or the state using the PEP/Step Up program (age 5+) or with an umbrella school. As homeschooling families, each family is responsible for keeping their own records and directing the education of their children.

As a member of the Forest Learning Community, each family can expect to meet with the teacher guide at least twice a year, while also receiving regular updates on the activities/projects/lessons happening during Forest School throughout the year. At the end of the year, any lesson books, nature journals and field guides will be sent home to the family for your portfolio. Take Root may provide support, guidance and resources, but does not offer umbrella school or evaluation services. The Take Root team works alongside the families to provide a network of communication. Each teacher guide will share observations of their students on a regular basis with the directors and families. Each group’s curriculum is unique and emerges from the children, their interests and their experiences.

Take Root follows the rhythms of the seasons and integrates what is happening that day, in that place into the daily flow. The seasonal, place-based program takes into consideration child development and educational standards while using methodologies inspired by various holistic pedagogies like Forest School, Waldorf, Montessori and Reggio Emilia.

Let’s GO – ECO – Every Child Outside!

Get to know where you LIVE!

Outdoor learning inspired by nature – the forest to the sea!

Benefits of Learning in Nature


Let Nature be Your Teacher

“Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher.” William Wordsworth


Explore, Discover & Learn OUTDOORS – where Nature is YOUR Teacher. 

Take Root Forest School provides nature-based, holistic education programs for the South Florida Homeschooling Community.

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Outdoor learning inspired by nature – the forest to the sea!

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