What We Do

Forest Learning

Take Root, as a learning community, uses an all-outside, place-based approach to learning – providing classes and instruction in, but not limited to: ecology, natural and cultural history, science, math, the arts, outdoor skills, yoga, movement, mindfulness, leadership, entrepreneurship, and stewardship.

Monday through Thursday classes are available to support the needs of young learners, ages 5 and up (5 in September).

Some examples of what is offered throughout the school year, September-June:

  • Literacy in Nature
  • Active Math & Live Science
  • Natural History & Florida Ecology
  • Art History through Nature
  • Nature Journaling & Sensory Awareness
  • Mapmaking for Kids – Sense of Place
  • Ethnobotany in the Forest
  • Mindfulness & Movement in Nature
  • Social & Emotional Navigation
  • Outdoor Games for Teamwork & Relationship Building
  • Fine Arts in Nature: Handwork, Crafts, Art Projects
  • Music in the Forest
  • Forestry Skills: knots, shelter-building, survival
  • Woodworking in the Woodland
  • Community Building: Entrepreneurship & Stewardship

Classes take place between 9:30am and 12:30pm, Monday-Thursday. Each family signs up for a minimum of 2 instructional classes/blocks per day, totaling 3 hours per child, per day, ages 5 and up. Take Root enrollment requires a minimum of 2 days/week commitment per child.

All classes offered in the Forest Learning community are facilitated using Take Root’s unique approach which combines the earth-based principles of Forest School, the holistic ideals of Waldorf, the child-based methodologies of Montessori and the flexibility of Agile Learning.

At Take Root, the students have the unique experience of learning in an oasis of trees – in parks and natural areas, away from the fast-paced sprawl of the S. Florida urban jungle. Outdoor experience develops a sense of wonder for the natural world – creating a love and respect that will grow with the child as they grow, inspiring a healthy eco-literate culture. It is every person’s right – to find their place in nature and their sense of self.

Forest Play

Take Root’s Forest Play Program allows the children open access to outdoor play and experience. Through outdoor play children develop healthy social and emotional skills: they build confidence, problem-solve, regulate emotions and develop relationships with each other and the natural world. Physically they benefit from development of their fine and gross motor skills while interacting with the outdoor environment.

The Forest Play Open Access program takes place from 12:30pm to 3:OOpm, Monday-Thursday, for children ages 5 and up.

Forest Community

Take Root is a COMMUNITY. The teachers, families and children gather to explore, learn and discover – themselves, nature and each other. Every participating family is invited to attend 2 beach picnics, 3 nature field trips, and 3 seasonal family festivals. There are opportunities for stewardship, volunteering and getting involved in the community and environment. Families and the wider community are an integral part of the learning program.

Let’s GO – ECO – Every Child Outside!

Get to know where you LIVE!

Outdoor learning inspired by nature – the forest to the sea!

Benefits of Forest School


Let Nature be Your Teacher

“Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher.” William Wordsworth


Explore, Discover & Learn OUTDOORS – where Nature is YOUR Teacher. 

Take Root Forest School provides nature-based, holistic education and enrichment programs for the South Florida Homeschooling Community.

Find Out More

Outdoor learning inspired by nature – the forest to the sea!

Enrollment with Take Root Forest School begins with first learning about the program – reviewing the website, speaking with the directors and visiting the program at the location that works best for your family – Ft. Lauderdale or N. Miami.

Take some time to learn about what we do, the days available for outdoor learning – ages 4.5+ and ages 3-4, and the costs involved.

Fill out the form below and the owners – Emily Feldman and Christy Schultz will contact you personally. Please let them know about you and your children and what programs you are interested in. Thank you!

Get ready to enliven your child’s imagination and spark a love for learning!   

OR…CALL (786) 490-6660 or email natureseekersfl@gmail.com to contact the directors, Christy Schultz & Emily Feldman