Nature Family Field Trips

Each season the Take Root Forest School Community packs up to get outside together as a community for the Nature Family Field Trips. All enrolled children and their immediate families will have a chance to join on these adventures – one time each season. Each year also begins and ends with an ALL community beach picnic.

Get outside with your family and take a trip a bit further away for the entire day to learn about natural and wild Florida.  Learn the natural and cultural history of our beautiful state and get to know where you live.  Have an all day adventure, “stay-cation” at gorgeous places like Big Cypress Swamp, the Everglades, Jonathan Dickinson, Blowing Rocks and Dubois Lagoon! 

Get your feet wet, your hands dirty, and your hearts full!  

End of Summer…First of Year Beach Picnic, Friday September 9, 2022

Spend the day at the beach with the entire Take Root Forest School Community! Celebrate the beginning of the year and end of summer.

*Nature Family Field Trips
Various Natural Areas (1-2 hrs away), 10am-2pm
Family Field Trips for All Students & Their Immediate Family
*Subject to change
Freshwater Wetlands

Nov. & Dec, 2022
Big Cypress
National Preserve
Oasis Cypress Dome

Upland Hilly
February, 2023

*Location TBD

Broward Families
Friday, 2/17/23 or 2/24/23

Dade Families
Friday, 2/24/23 or 3/3/23
Coastal Fun
May, 2023
*Location TBD

Broward Families
Friday, 4/28/23 or 5/5/23

Dade Families:
Friday, 5/5/23 or 5/12/23
*Children who attend only Monday-Wednesday, including Tender Roots, will attend Monday Field Trips 
* Children who attend Thursday & Friday AND/OR Monday-Friday will attend
Friday Field Trips

Autumn Field Trip – Autumn 2022

Freshwater Wetland Adventure…

A day adventure to the lush, rainwater fed freshwater wetlands of South Florida. Travel to the “Amazon of North America”..step into the heart of the everglades…immerse yourself in the beauty and tranquility of the ancient wetlands by stepping into the waters, hiking the upland forests, and walking the tranquil prairies.

All day trip to south Florida’s freshwater wetlands – a sense of wonder and adventure is encouraged for this fabulous trip into the swamp…be prepared to get your feet (and more) wet!

Winter Field Trip – Winter 2023

Hilly HikeSugar Sands and Pine Forests…a Day Trip to the Sugar Sand! 

Not too far from the noise of the city are acres of scrubland, pine and oak forest, cypress wetlands.  Visit the scrublands that are home to bobcats, panthers, deer, wild pigs and more. Walk the sugar sand hills and tromp through the Pine lands on a search for signs of life while enjoying the natural beauty of south Florida.   

Spend the day in the sugar sand hills – a sense of wonder and adventure is encouraged for this fabulous trip…get ready to Take a Hike!

Spring Field Trip – Spring 2023

Coastal Fun…shells by the seashore, crabs in the mangroves, fishes in the sea…get ready to discover the beauty of coastal life along South Florida’s abundant shoreline.

Discover the unique and rare beauty of South Florida’s coastal areas, explore the shallows of the lagoons and search for critters…crabs, jellies, fishes, birds and MORE.  Grab your hat, your swimsuit and get ready to jump on in.

A sense of fun and play are needed for this day-trip…get ready to hike, climb, swim, and net. Water shoes and swim clothes are needed.  

First of Summer…End of Year Beach Picnic, Friday June 2, 2023

Spend the day at the beach with the entire Take Root Forest School Community! Celebrate the end of the year and beginning of summer.