Kinder Roots Forest School

Take Root Forest School for ages 5-7

The participants in the Kinder Roots Forest School, ages 5-7 (age as of September 1, 2021), are provided time to explore, learn and play – with the forest as their muse. Each teacher, as nature guide, creates a flow within the day that encourages the children to discover the wonders of nature, of themselves and of each other. Each day the Kinder Roots head out through the woods to explore, learn and play in the forest…following the path to discovery.

As they follow the path to discovery, the forest piques their interest – leaves, sticks, the way the wind blows, the way a stick balances.  Through inquiry and experimenting, the children learn and come to conclusions.  As they go, they play – they observe, they touch, they smell, they see what works and what doesn’t – engineering, science, math…all on the go.  They climb, they work together, they become stewards of where they live and figure out how they fit in.  They build community.

Kinder Roots Forest School

Ages 5-7 (as of September 1, 2021)

Broward & Dade: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9:30am-3pm

*Kids Age 5+ Add on Monday and/or Friday for a Full Week!

Monday in Dade & Broward ART Day – ART – Act…Reflect…Transform

Friday in Dade & Broward ECO Day – ECO – Every…Child…Outside

TENDER ROOTS (Age 3-4) attend Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday only.

  • Broward Location – Birch State Park & Bonnet House, Ft. Lauderdale
  • Dade Location – Greynolds Park, N. Miami