Mondays & Tuesdays, 10am-2:30pm

Greynold’s Park – North Miami

Travel to the forest…seek the natural world as you hike the hammocks alive with oaks, royal palms and mangroves; explore the bends of the river estuary and the lakes within. Discover natural Florida’s abundant wildlife and the amazing bio-diversity in this verdant community park and natural space.  This seasonal class will focus on imagination, survival and adaptations within the natural Florida forest community.

Your child can SEEK all week long and always do something different!

The core values of exploration, play and discovery will be consistent at each location and each day.  Each location’s day will vary due to differences in group dynamics, ecosystems and focus of study.  All Nature Seekers’ Days will include journals, arts and crafts, and a plethora of experiential activities and games. Team-building, cooperation and stewardship will be central themes woven throughout.

2018/19 Ecological Theme for all Nature Seeker Programs – BEAUTIFUL BOTANY!

Seeking will happen from 10am to 2:30pm at each location.

Seasonal Series – Autumn, Winter, Spring (Summer Seekers will happen in June & July).

Program cost is based on one student and enrollment in one weekly location.  Registration is per season. $510/first child/per session, 25% sibling discount.

To save your spot, email Christy and Emily at  Your child’s place will be saved with a deposit toward registration.