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Forest School – Tender Roots

Tender Roots – Sprouts & Saplings

Tender Roots SproutsTender Roots Saplings
Ages 3-4.5Ages 4.5-6
M, T, W, Th
(each day is separate)
M-W: 3 Day Option
Th-F: 2 or 1 Day Option
Forest School program using song, story and experience through nature play.Forest School program using song, story and experience through nature play.

Children, age 3-6, are invited to enroll in the play-based Tender Roots Forest School Program – Sprouts (ages 3-4) & Saplings (ages 4.5-6). Daily, the children are given time to explore, discover and play – with the forest as muse. Each teacher, as nature guide, creates a flow using songs, stories, and exploration, guiding and following the children as they discover the wonders of nature, of themselves, and of each other. Each day the Tender Roots have time for deep play – using the natural materials of the outdoor environment as their toys and tools, thus, sparking their imagination.

The Tender Roots Sprouts, ages 3-4, meet from 9am-1pm M, T, W, Th. Each day is a separate program, allowing the family to choose the schedule right for them.

The Tender Roots Saplings, ages 4.5-6, can choose the 3 Day Option, M-W, OR the 2 or 1 Day Option Th/F, 9am-3pm.