Wild Roots

2022/23 Forest School Programs for Homeschoolers
Nature-Based Learning through Exploration & Experience

Forest School for Ages 8.5, 9, 10
Weekly OptionsChoose ONE or BOTH Options
3-Day Option2-Day Option
Monday, Tuesday
& Wednesday, 9am-3pm
OAK-Outdoor Academics & Knowledge
Integration of language arts, cultural studies and history, science and mathematics into the students’ discoveries in the forest.
*Wild Roots Group
Thursday & Friday, 9am-3pm
ART – Act, Reflect Transform
ECO – Every Child Outside

Integration of place-based ecology and stewardship, seasonal awareness and the rhythms of cultural traditions and celebrations into the students’ discoveries in the forest.
*Wild Roots Group

The Wild Roots are inspired and guided to learn about the workings of the natural world and the role of humans within that natural world. Every day the Wild Roots kids explore the outdoor environment – in the forest or at the edge of the sea. Nature provides the poetry, the stories, the lab, the classroom, the think-tank…in which the kids observe, collect data, hypothesize, experiment, create, make, listen and do. The students work together in a collaborative effort, with the environment, themselves and each other.

The Language of Nature

The Culture of Nature

The Science & Math of Nature

Broward Location – Bonnet House & Birch State Park, Ft. Lauderdale

Dade Location – Greynolds Park, N. Miami