Forest Days

Forest Day Program ~ Every Child OUTSIDE ~ Go ECO!

Take SCHOOL to the FOREST for an EXPERIENCE in nature! Through experience, each child will better understand their surroundings, their world, and in turn develop their own Sense of Place.  

The Forest Day Program encourages and inspires creativity and learning through positive experiences with the outdoor environment. Each day provides the opportunity to roam, explore, and move freely, which encourages confidence and problem-solving – in turn developing self-awareness and self-esteem. The forest, the outdoors – NATURE – provides fresh air, quiet moments, as well as time for reflection and sensory experience – creating intrinsic motivation and a positive mental attitude and good health. Take to the WOODS!

Take Root Education will customize a program suited to your school or group.  The optimal experience is a one day a week program – allowing consistency and ownership.  This program takes inspiration from other Forest Friday programs around the country, recommended by the Forest School Association.

Weekday program, 4 hours minimum, 6 hours maximum (between the hours of 9am and 3pm) – at a park or natural area near you!

Our team will build a personalized program for you and your group to EXPLORE, learn, PLAY, appreciate and develop a LOVE for the great outdoors.  We cater the program to you and your children’s needs giving special attention to the areas that interest your group the most.

Leadership Activities      Communication      Interactive Games      Mindful Exercises       Problem-solving Skills       Hands-on Learning       Stewardship    Nature Study      Love of Learning       Exploration & Discovery     Nature Crafts     Experiential Learning     Respect for the Environment and All Living Things    Stress-free, Student-led Learning    Enhancement of Fine Motor Skills     Abstract Thinking    Confidence-building