Seek out Nature…Explore, Experience, Discover! ACT, REFLECT and Transform with ART Practice being MINDFULL becoming a LEADER and gaining skills that will support your child’s Holistic Learning Journey

Take Root Education’s ECO Nature Seekers Day is an add-on day – Monday in Broward or Friday in Dade. The program includes an Ocean Seekers Day two times a season and a Nature Family Field Trip once a season.

Explore the wilds of the forest! Experience the excitement of the ocean! Discover the beauty of South Florida’s natural areas!

Play & Work in Nature. Enjoy what nature gives us and give it back through care and stewardship. Stewardship projects will be an ongoing part of the ECO & ART days, Monday and/or Friday. Participants will be a part of an ongoing eco-literacy project, such as removal of invasive plants, planting of natives, trash clean up, maintenance and design of play garden. *Mondays– SEASONAL FESTIVALS and / or *Fridays – BEACH DAYS & FIELD TRIP

Wonder at the beauty of nature, gain an appreciation and develop a Sense of Place and Stewardship for the land on which we walk.