The Take Root Team is PROUD of its innovative, FUN, creative, inspiring, stimulating and often SILLY curriculum. Take Root’s mission is to TEACH in a way that keeps the child (and the teachers) engaged. LEARNING through PLAY. Instilling a LOVE for LIFE is what it is all about. Each child’s natural curiosity is engaged and sparked!

Take Root’s two main programs are Treehouse Learning and Nature Seekers. Each program weaves a nature theme throughout a holistic, whole-child curriculum. The result is a a well-oiled educational machine – one that is always fun, always inspiring.

The Treehouse Learning Program is an outdoor part-time micro school for homeschooled children. The program bases its wisdom on earth-based holistic models. Age-old pedagogies, like Waldorf, Montessori, and Reggio-Emelia are woven into the daily rituals and routines of the micro school – fashioning a loving, peaceful, and playful way to learn. It is only natural to combine this with the great outdoors – creating the perfect learning environment for your children.

Learning with a TWIST! Sing~Dance~Move~Create!  Through story, music, the arts, and movement, Treehouse students learn and practice the core subjects in a way that meets their needs, is easy, and FUN!

Nature Seekers provides outdoor, nature-based enrichment for homeschooling students. The program is centered around the local ecology and each child’s natural awe and wonder for nature. By immersing the children in nature, the program allows each child to develop a love for where they live, furthering their desire to learn and protect. Nature Seekers incorporates an ecology-based theme into each week’s fun-filled, exciting and adventurous day.

Nature Theme for the 2020/21 Academic Year…

Where the Wild Things Are!  ANIMALS in NATURE! 

It’s time to get WILD!  Let the RUMPUS begin!

Using outdoor exploration, FREE play, games, and hands on activities, the Nature Seekers become fully immersed in their outdoor surroundings – gaining knowledge and understanding.

Joseph Cornell’s book, Sharing Nature With Children has inspired thousands of outdoor educators since 1979. His philosophies are simple, yet profound and provide the basis for the Nature Seeker’s methodology. Each Nature Seekers Day is inspired by the outdoor surroundings and the ecological theme of the week. A FLOW of learning is achieved by first…Awakening Enthusiasm, second…Focusing Attention, third…Offering Direct Experience, and finally..Sharing Inspiration.

Revolutionize Education!