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Holly ReevesTeacher & Nature Guide

Brady StockwellTeacher & Nature Guide

Holly Reeves is a mother, an educator, a teller of stories, a singer of songs, and a lover of all things wild on our blue planet.  She views the world with a childlike wonder – instilling play, joy, and laughter in all she does. Holly was born in Brooklyn, New York. When she was 4 years old she and her family moved to South Florida. She spent the long, wild days of her childhood playing in the mangroves, digging in the dirt, climbing trees, and swimming in the ocean. Being a Licensed Massage Therapist, Holistic Healthcare Counselor, and Birth Doula for more than 25 years has allowed Holly to be a part of the larger community of homeschooling and holistic families here in South Florida. Holly decided to continue following her heart and passion as an educator of children and seeker of nature.  Her love for teaching and being outdoors has led her to be a part of the Nature Seekers team.                                                                                                                                                                                               Brady Stockwell is from a small town in Wisconsin where he grew up always admiring the landscape and wildlife. From a young age, he had told his peers that he dreamt of a career where he could be outside, fully immersed in the wonderment of nature. Following his dream, Brady obtained a biology degree from Ripon College emphasizing environmental conservation. Alongside this he also developed a passion for teaching and became a behavioral therapist for children with Autism. Post-undergrad Brady continued to pursue environmental conservation as an Aquatic Invasive Species specialist while still working with autistic children part-time. Finally, Brady furthered his dreams by moving to the sunshine state where he often vacationed and immediately fell in love with the landscape and exotic wildlife. Determined to help conserve and protect Florida’s precious environment, he discovered the perfect opportunity on the Nature seekers team. Brady is ecstatic the he “can now combine his passions for conservation and education to help teach the youth about the unprecedented world of mother nature.”
 Kelly Green Teacher & Guide Kelly Green was born and raised in North Miami and has a true love for all things related to the Sunshine State! She is a fully certified Early Childhood Educator with 5+ years of classroom experience and an overall 15 years of teaching.  Kelly is passionate about teaching children and thoroughly enjoys building relationships with her students and their families. She also spent a number of years teaching with a large home school group on the Treasure Coast of Florida. While there, she enjoyed planning hands-on activities and nature themed field trips. This experience makes Kelly a perfect fit for our program,  she is excited to be a part of such an inspiring team. The philosophy of teaching that Kelly holds dear is, “A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instill a love for learning”.  
Camila SosaSpanish Immersion Teacher & Guide Camila Sosa is an assistant teacher at Treehouse Learning. She has had a variety of teaching experiences through a multitude of public school setting seeing such an outdated system, Camila is extremely excited about her new role. “Treehouse Learning is one of the few educational centers I find that aligns with my values and beliefs especially when concerning education. Therefore, what I can bring to Treehouse is absolute passion!” I will provide students with empathy, guidance, and reassurance to build strong meaningful bonds with students and families. I look forward to the ability to share knowledge and interests like being physical activity, sewing, music, and the environment to help students explore beyond core classes. I believe working in such a place will allow me to show students my authentic self thus encouraging them to do the same.
Mariella AldaveLittle Seekers Teacher & Guide What matters most in a child’s development is not how much information we can ​fit into their brain in the first few years. What matters, instead, is whether we are able to help them develop qualities​ that make them a well-rounded human being.”  Born and raised in Lima Peru, ​Mariella attended the Waldorf Lima School from kindergarten​ to ​high school, ​This is where ​she​ gain​ed​ the love for teaching​. ​She specialized in Waldorf education for​ years and worked at the Rudolf Steiner School in ​her home town for many years
She​ ​loves being a  part of the Nature seekers program, ​and​ believe​s​ that kids deserve a chance to learn ​through playing​, ​surrounded by nature, being treated with love and respect, and taking their wishes into consideration. ​She ​love​s​ spending time with​ her two boys​ in nature ​and wants every child to be able to enjoy the same feelings too.