Covid-19 Guidelines

Guidelines for Programs During the Covid-19 Pandemic

*These guidelines and regulations are subject to change.

The well-being of the students, their families, and the staff are of UTMOST importance and a top priority to Take Root Forest School. By employing the highest standards regarding education as well as health and safety, Take Root Forest School has created a mindful and cautious plan to limit risk during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Take Root Forest School follows the guidelines and mandates of the local governments and the beautiful natural areas and parks where programs are held. The plan also reflects the recommendations of the CDC and the American Camp Association.

Think fresh air. Think small groups. Think outdoor play, learning and discovery with Take Root Forest School.

Please read below how Take Root Forest School provides high quality, holistic, hands on, nature-based learning and play while caring for the community at large. The protocols are put in place for the COMMUNITY…everyone and everything is CONNECTED!

Take Root Forest School’s policy reflects the current rules, mandates, and situations. When the participants are outside, it is not required to wear masks/face covering. Adults and children may wear masks/face coverings at their own or family’s discretion. If it is preferred your child wear a mask, please let the teachers know. Should any group be indoors, we recommend all students and adults use physical distancing and face masks/coverings.

Outdoor Classroom & Small Groups: Unless the weather requires shelter-use, the children’s day takes place in the fresh air – outdoors.  There is plenty of room for physical distancing, running and playing and taking advantage of the outdoor environment to promote health and growth.

Learning takes place with each small group led by a teacher/guide. All groups will be adequately supervised and will follow safety guidelines and protocol. All staff are screened and trained. All locations are protected and beautiful.

Physical Distancing: Groups allow for personal space and distancing when needed – using sit mats that are spaced out and distancing during activities and circle time.

Families…this is a community endeavor, when attending any Take Root program, please minimize exposure by using healthy protocols. The teachers and staff of Take Root will do the same and will be tested regularly. This is a team effort with the goal of a safe and healthy experience.  

Before attending, ask yourselves these questions: Have you been in contact with someone who may have or been exposed to the virus?  Have you or anyone in immediate contact with you had the following symptoms:  fever, loss of sense of smell, unusual cough, unusual chest pain or difficulty breathing? Consider testing and vaccination, it is now convenient and free. If you answered yes to any of these questions, please consider getting tested and keep in contact with the directors.

Sickness: If any staff or program participants are experiencing symptoms, it is required to stay home.  Children or staff who exhibit symptoms of illness during the day will be sent home.

Sit-Mats / Sit-Upons:  Each participant needs their own fabric sit-mat/sit-upon (small towel/blanket) each day of programming. The sit-mat will be stored in the student’s belongings while at the program.

Placemats:  Each child needs their own cloth place-mat to use for their food while at the table or on the ground.  The place-mat will be stored in the student’s belongings while at the program.

Hand-Washing:  Disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer will be on hand to be used for any necessary wipe-downs of face and hands.  Teachers will facilitate frequent hand-washing.  Each teacher will have a set of hand-cleaning supplies. Families are permitted to send their own special wipes or hand sanitizer in a small labeled bag that children can carry with them throughout the day. 

Bathrooms: Small groups will be guided by teacher to use restrooms. Staff will clean and disinfect the facilities regularly. 

Cleaning Supplies: Alcohol, Soap, Water, Paper Towels, Disinfecting Wipes, Disinfecting Spray (with alcohol and essential oils).  

Should anyone in the Take Root community (staff or family) contract Covid-19, it is necessary to communicate with the directors immediately. 

In the event of a closure, programming will move to the Zoom online/streaming platform, with classes in a similar format and schedule.