Josh Zimmerman
Lead Teacher & Nature Guide; Survival Skills
Joshua Zimmerman is a South Florida native, born and raised in Ft. Lauderdale. Joshua’s love of nature came through his experience in the Boy Scouts of America as a third generation Eagle Scout. Using the knowledge he gained through scouting, personal experience, and excellent mentors he in turn began teaching wilderness survival skills in the Orlando area to UCF students and local adults. After graduating, Joshua was able to work as an archaeological field technician in various excavations across Israel and the Caribbean. Joshua also utilizes his experience as an environmental scientist and educator for the New York City parks system to provide students with a comprehensive and systemic approach to ecology and nature. In his personal time, Joshua is also a musician, artists, sailor, and athlete, and is currently completing his Masters degree in Forensic Science through the University of Florida.
 Cynthia DuffieldLead Teacher & Nature Guide Cynthia Duffield holds a BFA in Drama from Emerson, an MFA in Theatre Pedagogy from Virginia Commonwealth University and her Masters in Interdisciplinary Arts and Education with a focus in Drama Therapy from Nova Southeastern University. She is a theater and visual artist, writer, musician and educator. Cynthia is a friend of the earth, who has worked the Sierra Club and Nature Conservancy. In addition, she spent several years working as a Zookeeper. She hopes to meld her artistic talents with environmental knowledge in an effort to provide a thorough, interesting, and fun experience for all.
Camila Sosa

Assistant Teacher & Spanish Immersion

Camila Sosa is an assistant teacher at Treehouse Learning. She has had a variety of teaching experiences through a multitude of public school setting seeing such an outdated system, Camila is extremely excited about her new role. “Treehouse Learning is one of the few educational centers I find that aligns with my values and beliefs especially when concerning education. Therefore, what I can bring to Treehouse is absolute passion!” I will provide students with empathy, guidance and reassurance to build strong meaningful bonds with students and families. I look forward to the ability of sharing knowledge and interests like being physical activity, sewing, music and the environment to help students explore beyond core classes. I believe working in such a place will allow me to show students my authentic self thus encouraging them to do the same.

Adrian Fernandez  Games & Movement 

Adrian has dedicated himself to working with children beginning with
his nonprofit work as a member in AmeriCorps: Miami Reads! Through
this position he realized his desire to contribute to the community
and its youth. After several years of teaching, Adrian has become a
student, once again, in his pursuit to support students’ well-being as
a school counselor. He seeks to encourage children’s critical thinking
and curiousity in an active and inviting environment that Treehouse
Learning offers.